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And Now, the 80s hit Blue Monday Recreated Using 1930s Instruments

And Now, the 80s hit Blue Monday Recreated Using 1930s Instruments

The anachronist-loving group Orkestra Obsolete decided to look, and so now you can listen to New Order’s Blue Monday recreated using 1930s instruments.

If you have been waiting with bated breath for the day when you can finally celebrate your love of both the 1980s new wave band New Order and 1930s orchestral music, then you are in luck, weirdo!

The slightly mysterious group that goes by the name Orkestra Obsolete has made a name for itself by firmly refusing to embrace modern instruments, instead relying on the sounds that were dominant years, even decades ago. In the video below, they take on New Order’s 1983 hit, “Blue Monday.”

To be clear, it’s not like the Orkestra Obsolete woke up one day with “Blue Monday” stuck in their collective heads and said to themselves, “Hey, you know what would make a great 1930s song?” The group was actually commissioned by BBC Arts to honor the song that, according to some, “changed pop music forever.” That’s a bold statement, but music is subjective. We have many feels on music ourselves, so to each their own.

The video below was actually released on March 10, 2016, almost 33 years to the day after the original debuted in 1983. And if you are a fan of New Order’s version, the Orkestra Obsolete take is an interesting new twist on it. The synthesizer-heavy original was meant to have a futuristic feel to it, so grounding it in instruments from the past is a nice touch.

Check it out below, and even if you saw it when it originally debuted, good music never dies. Apparently, it just gets remade by a bunch of people in masks using different instruments.



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