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First look at Black Canary (2.0) from ‘Arrow’

Black Canary Arrow

This article contains plenty of spoilers from past episodes of the show Arrow, along with a few for upcoming plotlines. You’ve been warned.

Black Canary ArrowIf you have been watching CW’s Arrow (and you really should be), then you probably know that there is a vacancy in the role of Black Canary, and that the comic version of the character is getting closer to taking up the mantle. Apparently much closer, as we now have our first look at the new Black Canary in costume.

The images, which come courtesy of Nerdist, show Katie Cassidy’s Laurel Dinah Lance in costume as Black Canary 2.0. If you know the show and the comic history, that shouldn’t surprise you.

Hopefully you have all been keeping up with Arrow (SPOILERS), so you know that Sara Lance (Caity Lotz), the original Canary in the show, was killed. Her sister Laurel decided to channel her anger and honor her sister by beating up people in alleys. Laurel happened to meet professional boxer and part-time vigilante Ted Grant (J.R. Ramirez), aka Wildcat, who began her training. Based on where the story is now, it’s a bit surprising to see that Laurel may debut the Black Canary this season, but it was destined to happen sooner or later.

canaryEven if you are only a passing fan of Green Arrow in the DC comics, you probably know that Oliver Queen’s Green Arrow and Dinah Lance’s Black Canary have a long, long history. The pair have been a couple on and off for decades, making them one of the longest and most stable relationships in comic history. The characters coming together on the TV show was only a matter of time. Arrow loves to mess with the expectations of fans though, so there may still be plenty of surprises on the way. Regardless, Black Canary seems to be on the way.

Arrow is currently in its third season, and already has one spin-off in The Flash (if you want to call it a spin-off). The shows are set for a crossover on December 2 and 3, beginning on The Flash with the episode titled “Flash vs. Arrow,” then continuing on Arrow with “The Brave and the Bold.”

Both shows continue to introduce DC characters, and more are to come. The Flash has already teased Firestorm, the Rogue’s Gallery (now including Grodd), and Reverse Flash among others, while Arrow recently introduced Ra’s al Ghul, Wildcat, and Ray Palmer (aka the Atom), who has become a frequent guest star.

DC’s ambitious film lineup is still somewhat unproven and a few years away on top of that, but the TV shows (which are sadly not part of the same universe) are going strong.



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