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Bethesda remade Skyrim for Xbox One, but you can’t play it

Bethesda remade Skyrim for Xbox One, but you can't play it

Remastered games are big business these days. There were so many incredible titles developed for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, and now that we’re onto the next generation of consoles developers are cashing in on their hard work with new looks at old games. And good on them.

If you never played any of the Uncharted titles, get your ass to the store and pick up the new Uncharted Collection, featuring three of the best games of the last decade that you get to experience for the first time, you lucky jerk. (Well, two of the best games and one average game). The same goes for Metro, Gears of War, the upcoming (and ridiculously long overdue) Final Fantasy VII, and bunches more.

So it should be a no brainer that Bethesda would want to join in the lucrative fun with one of its best games that it already remastered for the Xbox One and is close to being ready to go, right?


In a report from Game InformerFallout 4 director Todd Howard let it slip that before it started work on the upcoming Fallout title, it ported Skrim over to the Xbox One. It did so to get used to the tech, which at the time was still brand new.

So when will we see the Skyrim: Super Badass Game of the Decade Edition, complete with all the DLC and a shiny new coating? No time soon, if ever.

“The first thing we did was port Skyrim to Xbox One.” Howard said before continuing: “Don’t get your hopes up yet.”

So why not release an amazing game with great reputation that is already ready to go on the new systems? Why not cash in on work that is already done and not even factored into the quarterly results? It’s like free money.

Howard didn’t say why Skyrim Remastered isn’t already out for consoles, but it is probably a matter of timing. Even though the team ported Skyrim to the new hardware, it wasn’t meant as a retail release – meaning it would still probably need significant work to get it ready to sell. With Fallout 4 eating up everyone’s time, that probably wasn’t practical.

On top of that, if Bethesda had managed to push out Skyrim without seriously delaying Fallout 4, it may have cut into the potential sales of Fallout 4 – which is a very similar game in terms of style – and The Elder Scrolls Online, which is still attracting some gamers, (supposedly). People may not want to jump from one 100+ hour Bethesda game to another with similar gameplay. Better to let the fans anticipate a new title rather than drown in similar ones.

One day when Bethesda decides that money is actually kind of cool, it may release Skyrim on the current gen. For now though, don’t even worry about it. Fallout 4 is out next week. Kiss your loved ones goodbye and check back on Monday for our Fallout 4 tips to help you survive the Wasteland.



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