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This may be the best Wii Sports tennis rally ever

This may be the best Wii Sports tennis rally ever

Given that Nintendo’s Wii was a cultural phenomenon and sold over 100 million units around the world, there’s a good chance you played Wii Sports Tennis at least once or twice. It was an iconic game. People frequently held adorably named Wiimbledon tournaments, and players young and old, gaming veterans and first timers, all got into it.

Assuming you are one of those people, you probably also have a memory of being really good at the game. That may not be true, but like other wildly popular games like, say, Goldeneye, very few people remember sucking at it. Maybe there was a specific game they remember where they were the boss, or maybe they are just seeing it through nostalgia. Wii Sports Tennis is a lot like that, it was designed to be easy to play. But even if you were very good, you probably weren’t this good.

The clip below comes from the Japanese Twitter feed of someone named “Take a Pugin’s all over (18).” There may be something that got lost in the translation of that name, but the clip also made its way to other outlets, including Rocket News. It really doesn’t need much buildup, just watch it and recognize it as what may be the greatest Wii Sports Tennis rally of all time.

Check it out and please reset your memories of how great you are at the game.



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