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BBC Offers a First Look at Jodie Whitaker’s Doctor Who Costume

BBC Offers a First Look at Jodie Whitaker’s Doctor Who Costume

She won’t make her full debut until Fall 2018 (not counting a Christmas cameo), but the BBC has revealed the first look at Jodie Whitaker’s Doctor Who costume.

Each time a new Doctor is announced for Doctor Who, one of the most asked questions asked during the long break between announcement and debut is what will the Doctor wear? If you aren’t a fan of the show it might seem kind of ridiculous to put so much attention on the costume design of a TV character, but the Doctor’s outfit is sort of like a superhero outfit, just completely original and not based on anything.

The Doctor’s costume is also a clue at what type of Doctor the incarnation will be. David Tennant wore a relaxed suit, which fit his playful personality; Matt Smith dressed like a college professor, which matched his “old man in a young body” personification; Peter Capaldi wore a mod suit with punk leanings, matching his version’s anger and style, and on. So when Jodie Whittaker was announced as the 13th Doctor, the question of what she would wear was a natural one.

Whittaker will first appear as the Doctor in the upcoming Christmas Special, although her debut won’t be much more than a brief cameo. She will then make her full-time debut in fall 2018 (tentatively), but the BBC decided to give fans a quick look at her in full costume.

BBC Offers a First Look at Jodie Whitaker’s Doctor Who Costume

We probably won’t see Whitaker onscreen in her full Doctor costume until the end of her first full episode, but that won’t stop fans (us included) from tearing the image apart for clues as to how she will portray the character. If the short announcement teaser she appeared in is any indication, her Doctor will be lighter in tone than Capaldi, and the costume seems to back that up.

Her look is also much less formal than her predecessors – Capaldi did ditch the button up shirt for a t-shirt and hoodie in some episodes, but Smith and Tennant both wore ties in almost every episode (with a few exceptions). Christopher Eccleston wore a shirt and a coat, but always dressed in dark colors, a stark contrast to Whittaker’s look. If anything, Whittaker’s costume seems closer to the Doctors in the original run of the show, which may be intentional.

The outfit seems to have several callbacks to previous Doctors. The boots are similar to those Smith wore with his first outfit, the slightly too short pants paired with the suspenders are reminiscent of Patrick Troughton’s Second Doctor. The multi-colored stripe on her shirt seems like a callback to Tom Baker’s Fourth Doctor’s scarf as well.

The coat is a little tougher to judge based on the picture, but it seems somewhat similar to the Tenth Doctor’s coat, and even a little like Peter Davison’s Fifth Doctor’s coat.

Of course, that could all be coincidental. But given the scrutiny Doctor Who is under anyway, and given that Whitaker marks a bold new direction for the show in front of and behind the camera, it’s likely that the flourishes were deliberate.

You can catch Whittaker’s debut this Christmas in Capaldi’s final episode, “Twice Upon a Time.” We will then have a lengthy wait for the 11th season, which is set to begin later in 2018.



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