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Gotham is his, in this new Batman Arkham Knight trailer

batman arkham knight villains trailer

The character of Scarecrow can perhaps best be described as inconsistent. He frequently pops up to hassle Batman, but the way he is portrayed changes writer to writer. Sometimes he is little more than a supporting character, hatching wacky plans that unravel with a well placed punch to the face. Someone gets drugged, Batman overcomes his fear, Scarecrow gets a black eye. And scene.

There are a few exceptions though. Scarecrow, aka Dr. Jonathan Crane, is a brilliant guy with way of turning the world against itself – as he seems to have done in the upcoming game Batman Arkham Knight. He is a final boss – or at least that’s how the trailer depicts him.

The game is the third Arkham title from developer Rocksteady, and the fourth Arkham game in total. It is also the end of Rocksteady’s planned trilogy. The game takes place in an abandoned section of Gotham, following a threat against the citizens of Gotham by Scarecrow. Batman will have an open world to explore, and this time he will have the Batmobile to help him make it around a little faster.

Check out the trailer for a quick hint at the story, but watch it knowing that it’s probably a bit of a misdirect.

The previous Arkham games have featured Scarecrow. He is seen as a major threat, but he hasn’t been developed to the point where an audience will likely invest in him as the big bad. That’s where the Arkham Knight comes in.

The character is original to the game (although it may be someone we know under the mask from the comics), and you can bet there is a twist. Also given the previous trailers where the Knight kicks the crap out of Batman check the link above), he will be the main threat.

So for now though, check out Scarecrow looking like a bad ass and bringing Gotham to its knees.  Then figure out where it all goes sideways on June 2, 2015, when the game is released for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.



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