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The spoiler-free Batman Arkham Knight guide you deserve

The spoiler-free Batman Arkham Knight guide you deserve

Batman Arkham Knight is a big game – if you want it to be. You can cruise through the main story in under 15 hours – much less if you rush – but there is so much more to see and do. That’s where this Batman Arkham Knight guide comes in.

We have a few tips to help you be the battiest of Batman that you can be. Save Gotham! Punch baddies in the face! Miraculously not kill a single person despite hitting them with a tank at full speed! It’s a Bat-miracle! Batelujah.

Rocksteady is planning on several DLC releases in the coming months, and we’ll update this Batman Arkham Knight guide with tips for them as they come out. In the meantime, if we missed anything, please let us know in the comments below!

Behold, Gotham

The spoiler-free Batman Arkham Knight guide you deserve

The city of Gotham is made up of three islands: Bleake, Miagani, and Founder’s Islands. You can access all three right away, but you’ll need to hit certain milestones in the story to lower the bridges. Once you do that, you can bring over the Batmobile, which you’ll need to complete many of the side quests.

There are several ways to explore and traverse Gotham, it really just comes down to your personal preference. Despite the inclusion of the Batmobile, you’ll still spend the majority of your time gliding and using the bat grapnel. Once you start to upgrade, after you’ve maxed out the basics like armor (on both the Batsuit and Batmobile), consider upgrading the Grapnel Boost as high as it will go (level 4).

When you connect to a grapple point, you can launch yourself into the air. For each upgrade, you’ll receive a new box in a gauge that appears under the navigation bar. Each time you press the acceleration button (different by platform, but clearly marked), you’ll fill up a new box. Once this is maxed out you can basically fly.

If you are having trouble finding certain side quests, try flying over the city with detective mode on. With luck, you’ll stumble across a few. Once you’ve cleared the airspace, you can also attach yourself to a helicopter and scan the city.

When you enter each island, there will be a series of icons in the upper right hand corner telling you which of the ongoing missions are available in that section. They will all be trackable in the mission select screen with one exception – the drones. To destroy the drones, you just need to glide on top of them and hit the button when the prompt appears. You’ll then set some explosives and jump off. To detonate, just look up at the drone and you’ll be given the option.

Initiating the ending(s) 


Once the final story mission in the “City of Fear” mission line is complete, you will have one more thing to do, enacting the “Knightfall Protocols.” There are two ways times you can do this, and each has a different ending.

Knightfall Protocol #1: When you finish the main storyline, you will be told that you need to continue on an apprehend more of Gotham’s most wanted. If you have already done seven of them, you can go ahead and enact the first of the two endings. Just go to the Bat-signal on the top of the GCPD and look for the prompt.

You can initiate this ending as long as you have more than seven, but less than 13 most wanted missions complete. If you start the final story mission with 13 most wanted already complete, you cannot trigger the Knightfall Protocol until you complete every thing, including all the Riddler challenges and trophies. This isn’t a glitch, it is a design decision by Rocksteady.

Knightfall Protocol #2: In order to get the true, complete ending, you’ll need to bring in every one of the Most Wanted – including the Riddler. To capture him, you’ll need to collect every single one of his trophies and complete all of his challenged.  

Riddler trophy and collectibles

The spoiler-free Batman Arkham Knight guide you deserve

All in all, there are 243 Riddler trophies and collectibles scattered throughout six locations: Bleake Island, Miagani Island, Founders’ Island, Stagg Enterprises Airship, Panessa Studios, and Arkham Knight HQ. You can track your progress through the menu.

You don’t have to collect the trophies or complete the challenges, but doing so will earn you experience. If you hope to fully max out your character (and you really don’t have to in order to beat the game), you’ll need the experience the Riddler trophies and challenges offer. Perhaps more importantly though, if you want the best, true ending, you’ll need to collect every one of them to achieve the 100-percent completion rating.

For the most part, the challenges are straightforward, but there are a few that may cause some confusion at the start. You’ll come across a handful of challenges with a robot standing by, but no other explanation. To access these, you’ll need to first earn the voice synthesizer. Once you have that, you’ll need to find a Riddler robot. Destroy it and you’ll be able to mimic the Riddler’s voice, which you can then use to move the robots around.

The other challenge that isn’t really clear at first are the trophies locked away in a cage, with a series of numbers nearby. These numbers are coordinates that you can find on the map. Head there with the Batmobile, then use the winch. You’ll then need to race back to the trophy before the time goes out.

For a complete list of the location and solution to all the trophies and challenges, Kotaku has a complete breakdown.

Main Story

The spoiler-free Batman Arkham Knight guide you deserve

As promised, this is a spoiler free guide, but there are a few things to keep in mind.

To being with, there are two endings to the game. To unlock the true ending and the real final mission, known as the Knightfall Protocol, you must receive 100-percent completion. That includes collecting every single Riddler challenge. Every. One.

One other note, if you are dying to know the secret of who the Arkham Knight is, just know that it isn’t revealed until almost the very end. As for how long that might take, it will depend on how much of a completionist you are. According to, the average to beat the main story alone is around 14 hours (half that time if you really, really try). If you complete the main story and the other missions, it should take around 24 hours. If you want to do it all, set aside around 39 hours.


The spoiler-free Batman Arkham Knight guide you deserve

Including the main story, there are 15 missions in Arkham Knight. These missions range in length and difficulty, as well as style. Some are a single event, others are a series of challenges. Some are also more complex than others.

Without going into spoilers, each mission also leads to a confrontation with a well known Batman villain (a few of the missions combine into one finale). This guide is spoiler free, so unless it is immediately clear who the bad guy is, we won’t say.

Armored and Dangerous

The spoiler-free Batman Arkham Knight guide you deserveThis is an ongoing mission where you need to track down enemy APCs and destroy them with the Batmobile. The actual chase is fairly straightforward, the tough part is finding the APCs in the first place.

Your best bet is simply to drive around the city or glide over it in detective mode until you spot one. You can also just check the mission screen, and occasionally there will be a notice that the an APC has been spotted. If so, select the mission and a marker will tell you where to go.

Campaign for Disarmament

This is another ongoing mission, which has you searching for bombs scattered around Gotham. The mission select screen keeps track of how many bombs you’ll need to find, but there’s no simple way to find them other than just driving around (you can glide too, but they will be easier to find in the Batmobile since they are in the street).

Once you reach the bomb and begin to attack it, you’ll have to fend off several drones – the exact number changes, but you can see how many in the upper right corner.

This, along with the “Own the Roads” and “Occupy Gotham” missions, will have a second wave of sorts. After you’ve completed all three missions, there will come a point when the missions restart under a new enemy (spoilers, naturally). But if you’re watching the percentage and can’t figure out why you can’t seem to get 100-percent, that’s why. 

City of Fear

The spoiler-free Batman Arkham Knight guide you deserveThis is the main story, and as promised, no spoilers. ‘Nuff said.

Creature of the Night

These missions are straightforward, and going into detail would involve spoilers. All you need to know is that the first section has a waypoint, while the others require you to scan the skies of Gotham. You’ll also have audio clues – when you hear the distinctive sound, switch to detective mode and go for high elevation. Look around to find your target, then glide down on it and follow the prompts.

This mission is somewhat random, so don’t stress trying to complete it – it will happen easily enough.

Friend in Need

This is a quick and easy mission. Just follow the waypoint and you can’t miss it.

Gotham on Fire

The spoiler-free Batman Arkham Knight guide you deserveThis mission requires the Batmobile, which means you won’t be able to complete it until all three islands are unlocked.

To find the location you need to go, just head to a high point and look for smoke. It’s easy enough to find. Once you have it, drive/meet the Batmobile there and look for the winch point. Rev the engine and get ready for a chase.

If you fail in this section, you’ll just have to wait a little while for it to reset. 


For this one you’ll need to wait for it to activate, which will just happen over time – keep checking your mission screen. When it is active in your mission select, simply choose it and follow the waypoint to a waiting van. Tag the van with the disruptor, then head to the rooftops to follow it out of site.

Once it reaches its destination, you’ll have a fairly cool fight on your hands. As long as you follow the mission directives, you’ll be able to complete this one easily enough. If you fail to track the truck, just wait a bit for it to reset and try again.

The spoiler-free Batman Arkham Knight guide you deserveHeir to the Cowl

This is basically a series of combat AR missions that put you in the cowl of another fighter, but with the same moves. The only trick to the combat is that you can’t get hit. If you’re having troubles, just take your time and dodge a lot.

The hardest part about these missions is finding them. In theory you simply need to locate a burning bat symbol on a roof, but that’s easier said than done.

The first location is given to you, while the second is on Founders’ Island near Port Adams, in the southwest corner. The third will then be on Bleake Island near the clocktower, while the fourth is on the island with the Statue of Liberty-ish monument.

The final mission features a choice. Neither option has a drastic impact on the game, but select whichever one you prefer and the you are done.

Lamb to the Slaughter

This is a single event, but to initiate it you first need to go to the GCPD and meet with a certain reporter. That meeting will be quick and easy, then much later in the game, it will trigger this mission. There’s nothing you need to do, just make sure you talk to the reporter when you hear it mentioned. The mission itself is straightforward.

The spoiler-free Batman Arkham Knight guide you deserveThe Line of Duty

This is another ongoing mission, and in it you’ll need to rescue firefighters held captive all over Gotham. The hostages are scattered all over the city, and there’s no easy way to find them, but you will have some clues.

Start out by finding a vantage point that’s of medium height, then turn on your detective vision and scan for a group (if you go too high you won’t be able to see anyone). Start by identifying groups of five or more, then zoom in. The hostages will be tied up, and you can see that in their stance. When you get closer, you should hear someone talking about hostages, which is your confirmation.

Fight the enemies and rescue the hostage, simple as that. Once you’ve found all the hostages listed in the map, you’ll then have one final event and one final hostage to rescue. 

Own the Roads

Another ongoing event, you just need to identify the bases and beat up all the enemies. There’s no specific trick to locating them, just look for red walls and groups of enemies. It’s easier to drive around than glide, so spend some time cruising the streets and identifying these missions. Once you’ve found one, it stays on your map, so head back whenever you have time.

Occupy Gotham

The spoiler-free Batman Arkham Knight guide you deserveThis is one of the easiest missions, at least in terms of finding them. Like many others, this one is an ongoing mission. You first need to identify the watchtowers around the city, take out the enemies, then destroy the command post.

To find them, just make your way to an elevated location and look for red lights attached to buildings or posts. They should be easy to spot, and if you don’t immediately find one, head to another location with a different vantage point.

The Perfect Crime

This is a tricky one. You’ll need to find a series of bodies scattered throughout Gotham, then scan them for clues. The trick is that you’ll need to listen for opera music to locate each victim. There’s no easy way to do this, you’ll just have to glide around the city and listen.

If you can’t wait for that, here’s a link to the locations courtesy of Shacknews.

Riddler’s Revenge

The spoiler-free Batman Arkham Knight guide you deserveWhile the Riddler trophies and challenges are located throughout the city, he also has a series of events that introduce a familiar Batman ally.

These events are easily found on the map, the only caveat is that you can’t complete the challenges until all three islands are open. Once you complete them all, you’ll go back to the trophy hunt.

Two-Faced Bandit

While this guide is spoiler free, the mission name kind of gives away who you will face. This mission consists of a few events, all the same in theory. You’ll enter a bank and need to take out the robbers. There is a time limit, but it is exceedingly generous and disappears when you’ve taken out enough enemies.

Consider this a predator mission, and you shouldn’t have any problems. When the final event comes, take out the main bad guy using stealth, and if you get the chance do it before the others are down. It makes things easier.


The spoiler-free Batman Arkham Knight guide you deserve

  • Batsuit V7.43 (Start the game with it)
  • Batsuit V8.03 (Unlocked early in the game)
  • Batsuit V8.04 (Beat the game)
  • Anime Batman Suite (Log in to WBPlay)
  • Classic Series Batman (PS4 exclusive)
  • Justice League 3000 (PS4 Exclusive)
  • 1st Appearance Batman (Amazon “Serious Edition” Exclusive)
  • New 52 Batman (Purchase the Season Pass or the Limited Edition)
  • Batman Earth Two (PlayStation E3 Experience Exclusive)
  • Flashpoint Batman (Purchase the Season Pass)
  • Batman Beyond (Available for purchase on Steam)
  • Dark Knight Returns (Available for purchase on Steam)
  • Michael Keaton Batman (Coming in August to Season Pass holders, along with his Batmobile skin)
  • Classic blue and gray Batman (Coming in August to Season Pass holders)
  • Gray and black Batman (Coming in August to Season Pass holders)
  • Batman Arkham Origins (Coming in August to Season Pass holders)


The spoiler-free Batman Arkham Knight guide you deserve

As with previous Batman Arkham games, you earn experience that earns you ability points. You then spend those ability points on upgrades. In Arkham Knight, those upgrades can be spent on the Batsuit, the Batmobile, gadgets, and more.

Focus on the armor abilities for both the Batsuit and Batmobile first. You may want to hit the grapnel upgrades next, and after that it is a matter of preference. Upgrading the disruptor will make some of the later fights much easier, as you can sabotage the specialty enemies, like medics that can revive fallen enemies, and cannons that explode when tampered with.


The spoiler-free Batman Arkham Knight guide you deserve

There will be plenty of additional content released over the next few months as part of the Season Pass and ala carte, and if you pre-ordered the game, you already have access to the Red Hood and Harley Quinn DLC.

The first non-pre-order DLC features Batgirl, and it is available now. We’ll have more on it and others when they are available.

More Batman Arkham Knight guide tips and tricks coming soon!



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