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Baby elephant freaks out when he sees a human swimming, rushes in to help

Baby elephant freaks out when he sees a human swimming, rushes in to help

With all the negative news out there, here’s a little blast of adorable for you to cling onto.

Elephants are incredible animals. They are smart, have a deep set of emotions, and can even be somewhat selfless. If they see someone they care about in danger, regardless of species, they will try to help if they can.

As elephants grow older, they also tend to be able to discern the creatures that need help from those that don’t. That isn’t always the case with baby elephants though, which leads us to the clip below.

At the Save Elephant Foundation in Chiang Mai, Thailand, one of the elephant trainers and a co-founder of the park, Darrick Thomson, decided to go for a swim. To the tiny eyes of baby elephant Kham Lha, it looked like he was drowning, so the giant child rushed in to save Darrick.

It’s pretty damn adorable.

To be fair, it was a fairly strong current and all the elephant could see was its friend’s head floating away. So props on the attempt, baby e.

Even when Darrick gets to the shore, Kham Lha seems to shout,” Noooooo, dude! I’ll save youuuuuuu!” Then he starts to herd Darrick up the river bank and seems to try to protect him from the current.


Check it out below.



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