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Behold! The Aussie Weiner is a Penis You Can See from Space

Behold! The Aussie Weiner is a Penis You Can See from Space!

A recent find in Australia, a penis you can see from space known as the Aussie Weiner, can be found using plain old Google Maps.

It’s truly wondrous what humanity can do when it puts its mind toward something. Even since ancient times, the ability to create incredible structures and objects of massive scale has helped to define us. History is marked by these structures, from the pyramids to Stonehenge to the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.

And then there are the dicks. So, so many dicks.

Phallic imagery has been with us since the earliest days of humanity. If you can find the earliest cave drawings, give a look around and you’ll probably find an image of a dick somewhere or even a tool. It’s ingrained in our psyche, and it remains with us today. Just look at Australia.

A recent satellite pass over a dry lake bed in Victoria, Australia revealed a massive drawing of a penis so big that it can be seen from space (that’s NOT what she said). And if you’re wondering if this is a photoshop job, you can find the image yourself via Google Maps.

According to the Australian outlet Geelong Advertiser, locals have known about the epic dick and balls formation for several months. No one has taken credit for it yet, but if you really wanted to know you could probably head to the area and listen for the high-fives and giggles.

Behold! The Aussie Weiner is a Penis You Can See from Space!Unsurprisingly, this is far from the first time that this has happened. It’s not even the first time its happened in Australia. In 1998, a pilot flying a helicopter over a desert plateau in South Australia saw what he initially thought was an indigenous man holding a throwing stick or something similar. The carving was massive, measuring 2.6 miles tall and featuring an outline the runs 17 miles.

The find attracted a lot of attention and even became known as the Marree Man, named after the nearest town. A closer examination, however, revealed it wasn’t a stick the figure was holding. It wasn’t a stick at all. There’s even pubic hair and testicles.

Like the dick in Victoria, the Maree Man is believed to be a recent construction and is already beginning to fade. No one has stepped forward to claim credit despite offers of cash rewards.

Another recent addition to the world of phallic art seen from space occurred in New Zealand back in 2011. Students at Fairfield College in Hamilton burned six giant penises into the school’s lawns, joining a pair of ovals that had been burned into the lawn two years earlier. Those images are no longer visible, but there were probably many laughs had.

So the next time you dream about vandalizing something with a penis, dream big I guess.



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