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Recording captures a haunting voice claim it has the body of a pig – and then there’s the photo

A freakish voice claims it has the body of a pig – and then there’s the photo

In continuing our attempt to freak you the F out in honor of Halloween, we have another one for you. And it is messed up.

The video below was posted on back in 2007 by a paranormal investigator named Devin Raymond. He doesn’t say where the video was recorded other than a “secret location” somewhere in England, and he also refuses to say who he was with, claiming that his “association with the group ended due to reasons I cannot legally disclose.”

Admittedly, that’s all a little suspect, but the video is still cool.

The video highlights an effect known as “electronic voice phenomenon,” or EVP. Investigators leave audio and video devices recording in locations thought to be haunted, and the recordings pick up something that can’t be seen or heard by humans.

EVPs can be easily dismissed by skeptics, but they have produced some of the most intense and disturbing paranormal events ever recorded. This one is alarming, but we have a few EVPs on the way that are positively unsettling.

As with all paranormal events though – or really anything outside of the norm – it really just depends on if you want to believe it or not.

In this particular occasion, the EVP captured what appears to be a voice saying “I have the body of a pig,” followed by a pig-like grunt. The investigators claim to not have heard anything at the time.

Feel free to insert your David Cameron jokes here. (See what I did there? Insert? Anyway…)

As they open the door to what appears to be a furnace, one of the investigators took a photograph. The video doesn’t show anything unusual, but the picture does. Check it out above.

As with all of these supernatural posts there’s no way we can guarantee their validity, but we won’t knowingly post anything that is fake. Some will undoubtedly slip by though.

It’s easy to dismiss this one as a fake since everything of consequence happens outside the scope of the investigation itself, but no one has debunked it yet. Plus, it is messed up – and cool.

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