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A few Assassins Creed Unity tips to help you get started

If you recently picked up Assassins Creed Unity, or you plan to, we have a few Assassins Creed Unity tips to help you make the most out of your time in Ubisoft’s Revolutionary-era Paris.

The first thing to know is that Paris is massive. The city is incredible, filled with digital life, and made up of drastically different districts that look and feel different. As you make your way through the story, you’ll make your way through most of Paris, as well as the much smaller Versailles.

Besides the coming and goings of the local population, each district is filled with plenty of collectibles, missions, chests, and more. When you first jump in, it can be a little daunting. After opening up a few areas through synchronization, you’ll be able to see most of the icons you can interact with. It can be overwhelming; there are enough icons showing you things to see and do that they block out the map.

Here are a few Assassins Creed Unity tips to help you sort through the massive amount of information you’ll be facing.


Assassins Creed Unity tipsThe single player story is broken up into 12 Sequences, each with multiple missions. The missions can each be completed a variety of ways, but you’ll be given secondary objectives. These can be anything from using a particular weapon to pulling off a certain type of assassination (like dual or air assassinations, for example). Completing them may take a few extra minutes, but there is a good reason to do them.

Completing these objectives earns you a “Sync Point,” which can then be used to purchase upgrades (read the upgrade section for more details). If you find you need a few points quickly, just head to the Progress menu and look at the percentage complete for each Sequence. As long as it isn’t at 100-percent, there are points still to earn. You can also find them as collectibles in co-op missions. They are designated on the map with an Assassin’s icon, and you simply walk through them to collect them.

If you are into the story, feel free to burn through it as quickly as you like. Without going into spoilers, you will always be able to explore Paris, even after the main story concludes. Go at your own pace.

There’s nothing more to say about the campaign that doesn’t involve spoilers. The missions are fairly straightforward. Some include retrieving items, others involve killing enemies. There are also multiple missions that include assassinating a single, prominent character. Take your time on these. You can always try a Leroy Jenkins approach of running right in, but even if it feels like it takes longer, it’s generally easier to work your way from the outside, taking out guards with an elevated viewpoint. As long as you have a path in and out without being seen, you’ll be fine.

But the Sequence missions are just one part of the overall story. For the complete picture, you’ll need to delve into the Paris Missions and the co-op offerings.


Assassins Creed Unity tipsThere are two, distinct types of co-op game modes available: “Co-op Missions” and “Heists.” They are designed for either two, or up to four players – each mission will clearly let you know how many players can join before you play. Each mission has its own specific rewards, and you’ll be given a heads up of what you can earn before you start. Many of these missions have multiple rewards, so you may want to play them a few times to get the most out of them.

The missions begin with a briefing. You and your fellow assassins will be given an objective, and you can either work together in a group or you can attack different areas of the map, then rendezvous at the mission objective. If you die, however, you’ll either need a teammate to revive you, or you’ll have to restart back near the start and make your way back to where you were.

Assassins Creed Unity tipsTo access these missions, you can find and interact with the co-op icons. You can also highlight them on the map and join directly from there, or go through the Progression Tracker menu and start them up from there. You can choose to play the missions in a private lobby, or public.

Going public will randomly place you with others, or you can set the missions to private and avoid people randomly joining. If you want to play with friends, either invite them from the co-op mission icon in the game world, or you can have them join you in your game beforehand, run amok around Paris, and then start a co-op game at your leisure.

If you really want, you can try to complete the co-op missions on your own. Be warned though, you will generally be overwhelmed and outmatched, especially at early levels. If you are determined though, your best bet is a “murder everyone” strategy. Go slow and work your way through the ranks of guards, starting at the outer edge at the highest point, then work your way in. You will inevitably leave a trail of bodies, but it will be far more efficient than repeatedly getting caught trying to do entirely stealth.

Regardless of how you attack the mission, be sure to stock up on supplies before you start a mission. You can shop during a co-op game, but you may need to leave your team and go far afield, making it harder for everyone else on the team.

Assassins Creed Unity tipsCo-op Missions – There are several variations of missions, but most of them tend to lean towards stabbing a lot of people. There can be twists to these like the odd escort mission, but you’ll typically be alright with a “best defense is a good offense” approach.

As with most co-op games, communication is important. If that isn’t your thing though, just be sure to avoid running right into the middle of a crowd of enemies and getting yourself beaten to death.

Heist Missions – The Heist missions require more stealth, but only slightly. You’ll be given an item to steal, and then you and your cohorts set about taking it. You earn more points for sticking to a stealth approach, and a few missions have restrictions on dying, but for the most part you can get away with killing all enemies in your path. Just do it without being seen and you’ll gain the best rewards.

Active Skills – As you progress you will have the option of purchasing Active Skills for use in co-op. These become available as you play through the campaign, and you purchase them with Sync Points. They offer team benefits including disguises, a cache to replenish supplies, a communal Eagle Vision, and Group Healing. The Skills are useful, but far from essential. You’ll get more use out of upgrading your personal abilities (see Upgrades below), and probably help your team more anyway. Save these for late in the game when you have surplus Sync Points.

Active Boosts – These provide temporary stat boosts for your team, and can be purchased with hack points – which you purchase through microtransactions. There really is no reason to shell out real money though, as you can make easily it through most missions without using the boosts. You do earn a few hack points in the game, so if you have enough, go for it.

Skills upgrades

Assassins Creed Unity tipsThe further you get into the game, the more you’ll be able to upgrade your abilities, weapons, and equipment. To unlock the upgrades in order to purchase them, however, you’ll need progress through the story.

There are tiers of Skill upgrades, unlocked after completing Sequences Two, Five, and Nine. If you are having difficulties with the co-op or side missions, keep playing the campaign through at least Sequence Five. The upgrades at Sequence Nine are helpful as well, but those unlocked after Five are essential.

After Sequence Five you’ll be able to purchase health upgrades, new stealth options, new tools, and you can increase your melee abilities. There are upgrades for each style of weapon at your disposal, but you’ll need to choose your favorite – you won’t have a surplus in points at that point. Read on for more info on the combat upgrades.


Assassins Creed Unity tipsEach and every Assassin’s Creed game promises a revamped combat system, and Unity is no different. The actual combat is still based on parrying and counter attacking, but you can now choose from several different classes of weapons: One-Handed, Long, Heavy, and Rifles (which can be fired and then used like a club). You will need to purchase Pistols as well, but they don’t count as primary weapons. These can all be found at any time under the Weapons Menu, found within the Gear Loadout under Character Customization.

Each class contains several weapons that you can either unlock by completing specific missions, or by purchasing them with livre, the game’s currency. Once you have equipped a new weapon, you can then upgrade it using “Creed Points,” which you earn during the course of gameplay. These points are awarded for dozens of assassin-y actions, like vanishing from guards, using your phantom blade, assassinating a target from cover, and many more. You’ll earn the points naturally enough, and odds are you will typically have more than you know what to do with as long as you are relatively conservative with your weapon purchases.

You can also hack the weapon to either buy it or purchase it, but there really isn’t much need to. The same is true for gear. Save your money.

Regardless of the type of weapon you are using, the stats are the most important aspect. Each weapon is broken down into four categories: Damage, Parry, Speed, and Range. there are also modifiers on select weapons, and upgrading helps improve these.

Each class of weapon moves and acts differently, and it breathes life into the combat to be able to fight in different styles. It really just comes down to preference though. Experiment early when the costs are low, then focus on one style until you have an excess of Sync Points to purchase new melee skills for other classes.

Fair warning though – don’t waste too much money on the One-Handed weapons later in the game. You’ll earn a powerful sword when you complete the story.


Assassins Creed Unity tipsYou can switch your gear at anytime through the Equipment menu, as long as you already have the piece of gear you want unlocked, or you’re carrying enough livre to purchase it. Each type of gear increases your stats, and the options include: Hood, Chest, Forearms, Waist, and Legs. Don’t worry about finding the “best” piece of gear, as there really aren’t any until late in the game.

Pick the stats that work for your style. Some give better stealth attributes, some more health. Some offer offensive bonuses, others give you perks like faster vanish time from guards. Like weapons, they are broken down into four categories. The gear stats are: Melee, Health, Stealth, and Ranged. The gear modifiers are sometimes varied though, and one piece may not have a particular boost that a similar piece in the same class offers. You may get more out of a slightly weaker piece of gear if the upgraded modifier is good, so keep it in mind when picking your gear.

There are also several color schemes to unlock and choose from. These are unlocked through a variety of means, including collectibles, money, and completing missions. These are a cosmetic change, so choose whatever color you wish.

You can also equip special outfits, which are also cosmetic, but there is a benefit. You keep the stats from the gear you equipped before you put on the special outfit. Each new piece of gear changes your luck, and some are better looking than others. It’s a small things, but if you really dislike the look of a chest piece, for example, but it offers the best stats, throw on a special outfit.


Assassin's Creed® Unity_20141109120101There are a handful of collectibles littered throughout Paris (and Versailles), especially chests. In your travels, you will find four colors of chests, each with its own requirements of opening. Of the four, red and white are the ones you should pay attention to.

White chests are unrestricted and you can open these at will; Red are locked and require the lockpicking skill, which can be upgrade to level three. You can try to open level three chests anytime after you purchase the level one lockpicking skill, but it is extremely hard. The yellow chests are tied into the “Initiates” service, which rewards you for playing and registering other AC games; the green chests are unlocked by playing the Companion App.

If you are interested in new color schemes you’ll need to find “cockades.” Once you find 100 of these, you’ll have unlocked all the color schemes available. For every 20 you collect leading up to that though, you’ll earn more schemes. You can find these on the map, and they are generally (but not always) found in the air or on top of a building.

There are also artifacts spread about across Paris. They appear on the map and look like small shields, and to collect them you just run up and touch them. Each district has a set number of these (you can see how many in the Progression Tracker under Miscellaneous), and completing a full set from a district rewards you with a weapon or piece of equipment.


Assassins Creed Unity tipsThis is a given for anyone that has played previous AC games, but it bears repeating: Synchronize all Viewpoints. Doing this takes time, but it is the only way to unlock the full map of Paris, plus it opens up fast travel. There are also a few districts that you won’t visit in the main story, so don’t wait to stumble upon the Viewpoints. This is also the best way to find all the sidequests, including co-op missions.

Viewpoints in Unity are fairly easy to climb to, but there are a few that make you work for it. If you get the chance, knock out the Viewpoint on top of the Bastille early on. After that, the rest are easy.

Paris Stories

“Paris Stories” is a general term for all the side missions, according to the game’s Progress Tracker screen. The naming convention is a little confusing. There are also missions known as “Paris Stories” that in some ways replace the Assassination Contracts from previous games.

There are six categories in total. They all appear under different icons on the map, but they all help to expand the story.

Paris Stories- Like Assassination missions in previous games, you are given a mission, and these generally end with you stabbing someone. There are frequently more requirements on the higher difficulty missions – some may have you follow people, others involve you stealing things – but follow the directions and they are straightforward enough. Stealing is a fairly common mission directive, but you’ll find out quickly that it’s easier to steal from a corpse.

Missions earn you money, and the higher the difficulty the more you earn – the biggest payout is 37,500 livre. There’s no real trick to these, they are just more missions that fill out the story of Unity. If you are a big history buff, this you’ll definitely want to play these missions, as many of the people you’ll encounter are historical figures.

Assassins Creed Unity tipsMurder Mysteries – If you played any of the Batman Arkham games, then you’ll be familiar with these Murder Mysteries. The missions are designated on the map with a magnifying glass, and you begin by studying a dead body. Once the mission is under way, you use your Eagle Vision to look for clues. Just check the map and make sure you are in the proper investigation area. If there are multiple areas to examine, make sure you find all the clues in that area before moving on – a counter on the left side lets you know.

The point of these mysteries is to accuse the person of the murder, and the reward is a weapon. If you accuse the wrong person, your reward is decreased. These missions are a great way to quickly earn new weapons in the early going when you may not have enough money to buy them, and you haven’t delved into the co-op missions yet.

Just make sure you investigate all the clues, and the solution generally presents itself.

Nostradamus Enigmas These missions are among the most difficult and time consuming in the game, but you’ll unlock Thomas De Carneillon’s Master Assassin Outfit as a reward.

Assassins Creed Unity tipsSolving the enigmas earns you a fragments of the Nostradamus Disc. The fragments are then used to open three doors underneath the Assassin’s HQ: The Cella Constellation, The Cella Astri, and The Cella Vaporis. Each door then unlocks a puzzle, and completing those puzzles unlocks the outfit. Don’t worry about the doors though. You’ll need to complete 18 enigma puzzles first.

The enigma puzzles are just that – puzzles. And unless you have a doctorate in Parisian history, odds are you’ll need to do a little research to make sense of them. Each clue you find is a broken, cryptic poem of sorts, telling you where to go next, and each enigma has up to four riddles to solve There is no real trick to these, but anytime you come near one – regardless of whether or not it is the puzzle you are working on – you’ll hear a distinct sound. Make a note of it for later, but you won’t be able to interact with it until you are working on that particular enigma.

The Internet is your friend here, but you can solve most of the puzzles by reading the location information in the database. There are generally key words you’ll pick up on, and the clues typically reference something in the database description.

Helix Rift – You unlock seven Helix Rift missions scattered throughout three secret locations that you unlock during the campaign. Going into detail here would be spoiler filled, just know that when you briefly leave Arno’s Paris behind (you’ll know it when you see it), new icons appear on the map denoting the Helix Rift missions.

These missions are essentially timed races. You earn points by collecting floating data clusters with different colors marking different point values. You also earn points from killing enemies, so don’t overlook it, but consider the timer. As you run, you’ll compete against the ghost data of other players. These missions are fairly straightforward.

Assassins Creed Unity tipsSocial Club missions – These missions appear after you unlock social clubs by renovating buildings scattered around Paris. Just look for the red house icon, and have a pocket full of livre. The prices vary, but the most expensive runs 10,000.

Mission types vary, but they will be familiar to anyone that has played the series before.

Cafe Theatre – These missions are available at the theater above the Assassin’s HQ. They will occasionally take you all over Paris, so make sure you have the time. Otherwise they are standard enough, even if they tend to have multiple objectives. The reward is improvements to the theatre, which in turn means more revenue for you.

We’ll have more Assassins Creed Unity tips and tricks coming soon!



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