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This video is probably as close to a tornado as you’ll ever want to get

This video is probably as close to a tornado as you’ll ever want to get

A video taken by a group of storm chasers shows off a 360-degree look at the inside of a tornado. And it’s as close to a tornado as you’ll ever want to get

As a guy that grew up in the heart of Tornado Alley, I can say with some authority that tornadoes are not to be fucked with.

Storm chasers love to pretty much dare nature to come at them, bro, driving into the heart of a storm and getting as close as possible to a monstrous, destructive force of nature. Sometimes they eat the bear, sometimes the bear eats them.

In the clip below, a group of chasers followed a tornado near Wray, CO. They capture the video using a 360-degree camera, which allows you to see just how messed up these whirling dervishes of death can be. If you don’t use the camera controls, you may think you’re just watching a kind of overcast sky. Make sure to turn the view 180-degrees, and you’ll see the fury.

Tornadoes are inherently unpredictable by nature. As the video shows, you can be looking one direction and see nothing unusual, but a few hundred feet behind you a tornado is coming your way. To be fair, you can’t really mistake the sound of a tornado. It is a little like an oncoming train. Even if you don’t hear it (maybe you scored a sweet pair of noise-cancelling headphones), you can’t help but feel it. Avoiding a tornado coming for you isn’t the problem – knowing where they will be is what will get you.

When I was a kid, we experienced one of many tornado warnings during my adolescence that sent us to the basement. The sirens went off, the weather people told us to run for our lives, and we obliged, hurried by the sickly green tint in the sky.

A few minutes later the all-clear was given, and we went outside to see cloudy, but calm skies – our yard, however, was covered in debris from the local mall, which was nearly a mile away.

A big chunk of ceiling blocked our street, like it was picked up and inconveniently placed there. Our house and those of our neighbors only lost a few shingles, but the damage for some was catastrophic

So enjoy the clip below, and if you happen to be near a tornado when it touches down, don’t bother trying to record it just run. Snuff films aren’t that much fun.



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