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Another ghost city appears over China

Another ghost city appears over China

“There is a scientific explanation for this.”

The Chinese translation of those words were probably repeated several times on March 18 in the city of Dalian, as another “ghost city” seemed to appear in the clouds over the Korea Bay. Thousands witnessed it, a few even recorded it.

At the time, very few could explain it.

This isn’t the first time this phenomena has been spotted, far from it. It’s not exactly common, but it does happen. It was recently seen (and recorded) over the cities of Foshan and Jiangxi, and around the same time there were reports of something similar in England.

The effect is a mirage known as a “Fata Morgana,” or a “superior image.” It occurs over large bodies of water where the surface temperature is colder than the air above it. During times like these, light is bent as it moves from one temperature mass to the next.

The conditions then causes a reflection to appear high up in the sky. It often happens above clouds, because clouds can make for dramatic temperature changes.

The reflection is seen at only a certain angle under ideal circumstances. Different people at different angles would see something else altogether (possibly just a blur, or nothing at all).

Of course, that’s the boring answer. The better theory is that it’s a city from an alternative universe, breaking through because of secret experiments. Another theory is that it is a paranormal ghost city, or that somehow aliens are involved.

The Fata Morgana explanation is probably more likely. Either way, it’s a cool phenomenon. Check it out below.



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