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Anna Kendrick wants to be Robin! (No, not really)

Anna Kendrick and Ben Affleck’s interview is filled with twists

When you do enough interviews, after a while things start to blur. You hear the same questions over and over, and your answers tend to be word salad, uttered automatically rather than conveying anything with depth.

It’s natural, and if you watch actors and actresses going through it as part of the promotion for a new movie, you can almost see them go on autopilot. To keep things spicy (and possibly to stay awake), sometimes the stars have a little fun. And sometimes things get a little weird.

The clip below was from an interview with MTV’s Josh Horowitz. It was part of the press junket for the upcoming film The Accountant, which hits theaters this weekend. The film stars Ben Affleck and Anna Kendrick, who is a goddamn treasure.

In discussing what the stars are up to next, things get a little awkward as Kendrick discusses her hopes for the future, prompting Affleck to bring up one of the greatest and most bitter disappointments in his career.

Naturally, with Batfleck there, talk quickly turned to superheroes, specifically the film Justice League and the character of Batman. Oddly, Kendrick doesn’t mention her near brush with on-screen superheroics as Squirrel Girl. Maybe the disappointment of the character being claimed for a TV show was too much.

There’s a slim chance this whole thing was staged, but who cares? Check it out below, and if you want to see The Accountant, look for it on Friday.



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