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And now the Villisca EVPs, the creepiest thing you’ll hear all day

And now the Villisca EVPs, the creepiest thing you’ll hear all day

First, a quick warning: of all the clips we’ve posted in the lead up to Halloween, this may be the most disturbing. Not just because of the recording itself, but because of the sad true story that may have caused it.

Before you get to the video clip below, a quick explanation on what you are about to see – or more specifically what you are about to hear.

The recording features what’s called an EVP, or Electronic Voice Phenomenon. In Paranormal investigations, researchers frequently use audio recorders to try to capture voices and sounds that they believe belong to spirits.

The theory goes that spirits can sometimes communicate with the living on frequencies the human ear can’t hear. Investigators will ask questions, pause, then play back the recordings and listen for anything unusual.

It’s a favorite trick of TV paranormal investigators, and sometimes it leads to some hair-raising stuff. Just as often though, you’ll hear a noise that sounds like “grabblegra,” and the investigators will interpret it for the cameras as “I will kill you.” That’s why I haven’t bothered to post any EVPs, even the ones that are legit freaky.

This one is an exception though. In fact, it’s probably one of the weirdest things we’ve posted yet.

The EVP below comes from Villisca, Iowa, inside what is known as the “Villisca Axe Murder House.” As the name suggests, bad things happened there.

Be warned, this is a completely true story, and it’s extremely disturbing.

On June 12, 1912, eight people were brutally murdered, including six children. The crime remains unsolved, and the best guess is that a man hid in the attic while the family was out. There is even evidence that he (and it is generally assumed it was a man) waited patiently for hours, smoking cigarettes. Sometime after midnight, he crept down and bludgeoned them all to death with an axe.

It was also believed that the victims were all asleep when the killer attacked – with the exception of one of the two neighbor children, 12-year old Lena Stillinger, who tried to fight back.

The killer then simply left. Nothing obvious was stolen, and the family didn’t have any enemies. The next day a neighbor noticed that the family hadn’t come out yet, so she called a nearby family member who unlocked the house and went in. The scene he found is almost unimaginable.

It was a horrific mass murder, and it made the national news – even in 1912 with limited communication out of the small, rural town. The house has since become a gruesome tourist destination, and a frequent site of paranormal investigations.

The clip below is an EVP recorded in the house when no one else was present. The house is often said to be haunted, so paranormal investigators frequently leave equipment running. This time, they caught what appears to be the sound of a women – or girl – screaming as she is beaten to death.

Many believe it is the voice of Lena Stillinger, who may have been captured on other Villisca EVPs before. In fact, there are several Villisca EVPs capturing weird stuff. This one is the most disturbing though.

Again, even if you don’t buy it, it’s kind of hard to listen to.

Anyway, check it out. Make sure you have the sound up (wear headphones if you are at work), and don’t say we didn’t warn you.



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