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And now, Parkour tag from the eyes of the chaser

And now, Parkour tag from the eyes of the chaser

For whatever reason, tag is becoming something of a big deal among professional athletes. There are leagues around the globe and even a world tag championship with organized matches and prizes.

Modern adult tag competitors are the real deal. They go out and train in gymnastics and parkour in an effort to either overcome obstacles and tag their opponents, or dodge attempts by using multiple dodges, flips, slides, and more to escape. It’s a fairly remarkable sport in that sense, and anyone that underestimates it would quickly find themselves slapped on the back, wondering what happened.

If you want to see how legitimately intense these matches can get, look no further than the video below.

The clip was captured by a parkour tag expert wearing a GoPro camera. He and his opponent head out to a construction site, then play a game of tag where the chaser has to touch his opponent, then immediately turn to run as the new “it” person. In that, it’s really no different than most games of tag played by kids, but there probably aren’t too many kids that can scale a fence in a single movement or run up pipes to get to the top of a wall.

It’s a wild way of playing tag, and the camera helps to make it worth watching. Check it out below and the next time you hear about an adult, professional tag league, make sure you have the skills to hang.