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And now, a tandem jetpack flight over Dubai

jetpack flight over Dubai

If Swiss test pilot Yves Rossy and his protégé Vince Reffet were doing 20 years ago what they are doing today, they would be considered superheroes. In fact, they aren’t that far off from the pulp hero the Rocketeer. They just go much faster and don’t fight Nazis. Yet.

Rossy has earned several nicknames that would make solid superhero monikers, including: Jetman, The Airman, Rocketman, and Fusionman (a personal favorite). The 55 year old pilot developed and built his own jet powered wing-suit, which consists of four, modified jet aircraft engines. He first debuted the system in 2008 with a flight over the Alps, and since then he has been modifying and fine-tuning the system.

In 2014, Rossy announced a partnership with the action sports, United Arab Emirates-based company, XDubai, to further develop Rossy’s jetsuit. The first major test flight after the partnership, took place in December 2014. It was amazing, but the new video completely blows it away.

In the new clip, Rossy and his protégé, Wingy the Boy Wonder (not his actual name), fly in tandem over the city of Dubai.

The clip was posted on XDubai’s YouTube page, where it labeled the flight “a new milestone in the chapter of human flight.” That may or may not prove to be the case, but the Christmas lists of the ultra-rich probably just gained one new entry.

With that said, there have been no announcements regarding a commercial version of Rossy’s jet-suit, and there probably won’t be for a long, long time. Putting aside the insane amount of clearances you would need to get to actually fly something like that over a populated city, the jet-suit is still very much experimental. It will need a whole, whole lot of testing before anyone beyond test pilots can try it, and even then it will likely need a whole lot of training classes.

And then there is the cost. The suit is basically a very small jet, and jets aren’t traditionally known for being thrifty.

So while your dreams of owning a jetpack may still be a few years off, check out the video below and enjoy the dream.

By the way, the video is officially known as “Young Feather 4K,” and the music is from an original soundtrack by Piers Baron, which you can download here for free.



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