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And now, a rugby team vs an F1 (you read that right)

rugby team vs an F1

A Red Bull promotional video shows an eight-man rugby team vs an F1 in a test of who can generate more force.

You have to wonder what goes on at Red Bull’s marketing headquarters. Do they sit around, slamming Red Bull and just dreaming up weird things to do?

This kind of seems like one of those moments where someone in the office, flying high on Red Bull, came up with the idea pitting an eight-man rugby team against an F1.

I would love to know the thought process that led to this concept.

“You know, I have this idea!” An excited and amped up marketing exec blurted out.

He or she would then probably repeat themselves several times to get the other marketing execs to stop throwing things at each other and seeing how fast and how many times they can slam down a knife between each of their open fingers.

“You know what’s powerful? An F1 car! You know what else is powerful? A rugby team! Weshouldtotallyhavethemfaceoffffffffff……”

The marketing exec then probably died as their heart exploded.

Whatever the process, it seems to have made its way through the RedBull process on its way to becoming a video. You can see the results below.

On the side of machinery, the F1 generates 1,000 brake horsepower, while the scrum offers up to 831 kgs/second. It’s a fairly even contest – towards the end, it even looks like the rugby team has a slight advantage. Of course, the rugby team is unlikely to outlast a fully fuelled engine.

It’s also shockingly dangerous. If one person in the scrum slipped and fell, the car would potentially have run the others down. But hey, it makes for a good videos, so what’s a little bit of insane risk when it comes to promoting Red Bull and its energy drink?

After all, Red Bull gives you wings… when a charging F1 slams into a person and sends them flying.



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