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And now, a horse vs an alligator

And now, a horse vs an alligator

And now for something completely different: a video of a horse vs an alligator.

For most, this will be a unique look at the cycle of life as two very different species engage in a battle that shows how random nature can be. For others, it’s just another day in Florida.

In the clip, the two animals are basically just minding their own business, but the horse gets a little too close to the modern-day dinosaur and it’s on. Rather than running away, the horse says to hell with it and goes Leroy Jenkins, charging in and taking no shit from one of nature’s most efficient killers.

The whole fight only lasts a few seconds, but it’s hard to take your eyes away from it. According to the Daily Dot, the clip was recorded by Krystal Berry at Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park. No one is entirely sure what prompted the horse to go Beast Mode, but it may have been protecting the nearby herd.

Despite the fact that the clip is short, don’t be surprised to see it played again and again and again pretty much any time a college or university that incorporates a horse plays the University of Florida Gators.

Anyway, check it out below.



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