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And Now, a Guy in a Jetpack Races a Muscle Car

And Now, a Guy in a Jetpack Races a Muscle Car

In a video that was bound to happen sooner or later, a guy in a jetpack races a muscle car, because of course he does.

Ah, the internet. It allows us to access a nearly infinite amount of information, communicate with anyone around the world, and experience some of the most incredible videos that will ever exist.

And then there’s the other side of it, that is essentially dedicated to ridiculousness.

The video below actually falls somewhere in between. It may lean heavily to the ridiculous side of things, but it isn’t cats singing or guys getting hit in the nuts for answering questions incorrectly. It’s actually a fairly cool demonstration of tech, even if it is framed in a silly way.

The clip comes from the World Series of Pro Mod at Bandimere Speedway near Denver, CO, and it depicts a guy in a jetpack racing a muscle car – specifically a Dodge Challenger. It’s not really a great race, or even a good one. The Challenger smokes the jetpack, but the jetpack destroys the muscle car in terms of style points. So maybe it’s a moral victory?

To be fair, the jetpack in this clip was doomed from the start but give it a few years and this might be an actual discussion. There are real, working jetpacks in the world, and they live up to their names – they are actually jets, literal jets, strapped to the back of skilled test pilots.

So even if you did try to buy one and race a Challenger, you’d need a whole lot of training first. And a few hundred thousand dollars. And probably an insurance policy so big the premiums would make angels weep.

But regardless, check out the video below.



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