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And now, a deer vs a cop

And now, a deer vs a cop

A new video shows deer vs a cop car. It’s a fairly violent confrontation, but don’t feel bad for the deer, it is just fine.

If you grew up in an area where there were no deer, you probably think of them as adorable creatures. They are all Bambi, frolicking through the forest with a cute song playing in the background.

If you grew up around them though, then you know that they can be menaces.

Deer have no concept of traffic, and they frequently run out into the middle of it like adorable little assholes. They are a hazard to vehicles, completely unaffected by how fast our metallic chariots fly by. Sometimes several of them at once just go for it, like they are a cult and their white sneaker wearing alpha is leading them to their glorious reward. They are the honey badgers of highways.

Unsurprisingly, cars frequently hit deer. Those that aren’t familiar with deer tend to feel bad for them, concerned that the impact from a speeding car will hurt or kill the animal. The truth is usually very much the opposite though.

Deer don’t give a shit about your car. In most cases, if you can slam into a deer at high speed, you and your car are in more danger than the deer. In fact, you’ll be lucky if you walk away from the impact, to hell with the deer.

If you need proof, check out the video of a cop vs a deer. The clip comes from a patrol car in Kentucky, specifically Kenton County.

Before you go feeling bad for the deer, know that it hops up as if the impact were a minor inconvenience. It runs off at full speed without a thought being given to the hit. The patrol car, on the other hand, was probably left a twisted mess of metal.

Check it out below – it’s a fairly incredible moment caught on tape.



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