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Join Us in Wildly Speculating Over this Clip Showing a Ghost Under a Stairwell

Ghost Under a Stairwell

A CCTV camera captures what appears to be a child-sized ghost under a stairwell that appears and disappears within seconds.

If you’ve read this site before, you probably know that we love our ghost videos. We don’t always believe them, but they are fun to watch and we hope people enjoy seeing them, regardless of their stance on the paranormal.

Recently though, it’s gotten harder and harder to find videos worth posting. While we accept that there may be reasonable explanations for many of the videos we’ve posted – in fact, we’ve even offered plenty of our own alternative theories – we try to look for clips that could be something really weird. If there are obvious strings causing “poltergeist” activity, if the video is filled with plenty of mysterious “orbs” that look suspiciously like dust particles, if the monster in the background has a zipper, etc., we won’t post them. Granted, that bar is subjective, but we do try to weed out the obvious fakes.

The one below is a little tougher to make a decision on.

The clip was recently posted by the site The Hidden Underbelly, but we don’t have a lot of info to go on. Both the quality of the video and the description confirm that it was recorded by a CCTV camera, but beyond that, details are scarce. It’s unclear where this was recorded or how it was obtained, and the only additional note is that it was captured at 2 a.m.

The most obvious answer – besides the possibility that the camera just captured video of a paranormal spirit, thus potentially confirming the existence of an afterlife and radically altering the tapestry of our world, of course – is that the video has been digitally doctored.

That’s always a possibility with clips like these, especially given the numerous benefits for someone that posts a video that goes viral and the easy availability of digital video tools, but put aside your skepticism for a moment and check out the clip below.

And if you stumble upon any weird clips that you think we should post, drop us a line.



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