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A common Fallout Shelter glitch on Android completely nukes the game

Fallout Shelter glitch

If you are a fan of Bethesda’s Fallout, or maybe just mobile games in general, then you may already be playing Fallout Shelter. The game was released on Apple devices back in June, but Android users had their first chance to download it last week.

And if you are among the many that download the game on Android, there is a potentially game ending glitch you need to be aware of.

So, you see that image above that shows a fairly well developed vault with 90 dwellers? Yeah, well, that’s not mine. My vault was corrupted along with the game.

The glitch strikes when one of two things happens: you run out of memory on your device, or your battery dies while playing. If either of those two things occurs, when you next try to load the game it will progress through the first three intro screens and then automatically close.

There is no fix for this, and the only way to access the game after that is to uninstall and redownload it.

There may be other ways to bring about this game ending glitch, but so far these are the two that have been reported on Bethesda’s forums. Some have apparently had this happen on Apple devices as well, but it seems less common based on the comments.

To compound the shared rage, many have lost money because of this. In some cases, a lot of money.

Fallout Shelter is free to download, but it also features in game purchases. You technically don’t need to purchase anything, but doing so makes the game significantly easier, especially in the early hours. It makes a huge difference. There are also times late in the game when dropping a few bucks may mean the difference between a thriving vault and watching everything you’ve built fall apart.

Bethesda has yet to comment on the glitch, nor issue any directions for those that dropped cash. The support forums recommend you contact Apple or Google to request a refund, but this is generic advice.

I can attest that Google will refund you for your purchase, but you will need the order number, which should automatically be sent to you via email when you make a purchase. If not, you can always go through your Google Play history to find it.

Fallout Shelter is a great game, but this is a shocking oversight, at least the battery issue. The game is a battery hog, and while playing you can’t see your battery icon (you can check the battery in the drop down menu, but it isn’t displayed). You’d think someone at Bethesda would test what seems like an obvious potential problem.

If Bethesda releases a fix for the Fallout Shelter glitch, we’ll update the post.



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