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Amazon is not messing around with its genre TV Shows plans

Amazon is not messing around with its genre TV Shows plans

Amazon Studios is developing several genre TV shows, including a Dark Tower adaptation, a Wheel of Time TV show, and several others.

Amazon is going all in when it comes to genre shows on its Amazon Instant Video service. And who can blame it? HBO turned Game of Thrones into a religion, and Westworld is the type of show that people can actually discuss online without blaming anything on Obama or comparing someone to Hitler (for a few minutes, at least). There’s a clear endzone for those types of shows, and Amazon wants in.

So far Amazon has had decent success with shows like the award-drenched The Marvelous Mrs. Mazel and Man in the High Castle, not to mention the coup of outbidding everyone else to snag the former Top Gear hosts after Jeremy Clarkson was shown the door from the BBC. Others like Transparent and Bosch further helped solidify its reputation (although it’s not clear what will happen with Transparent now that Jeffrey Tambor has been fired or quit depending on which press releases you believe), and now it is expanding in a new direction.

Shortly after announcing that it was creating a Lord of the Rings TV show for some reason, Amazon went a step further and confirmed that it is developing several new sci-fi/fantasy shows, including a series based on The Dark Tower (unrelated to the film, we hope), and an adaptation of Robert Jordan’s long-gestating and immensely popular The Wheel of Time series.

Part of the reason for the push – beyond the potential bags of money that can be earned – is down Amazon Studios’ new head of scripted series, Sharon Tal Yguado. Prior to his appointment as top boss in the fall of 2017, earlier in the year Tal Yguado was selected to develop science fiction, action, fantasy, and horror TV shows for Amazon. So either he was already a fan and is using his new position as head of scripted series to indulge that, or he was strongly convinced of their potential when he began delving into them for his previous position.

Whatever the reason, Tal Yguand and Amazon Studios are looking at creating several genre shows. Along with those already mentioned, Amazon is developing adaptations based on Ringworld, Lazarus, Snow Crash, and Iain Banks’ “Culture” series beginning with the novel Consider Phineas.

Of course, there’s a big gap between a studio developing a property and actually filming it, but Amazon has the resources to take some chances.



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