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An AI Generated Romance Novel Titles, and it’s About as Weird as You’d Expect

An AI Generated Romance Novel Titles, and it's Weird

If you’re looking for some new harlequin-style novels, you should check out the AI generate romance novel titles and think about what may be.

One of the most debated subjects in the world of tech is the future of artificial intelligence. Some believe AI must be closely watched and regulated for fear it may one day dominate us, while others believe that AI will view all life as precious and could help us solve some of the world’s greatest problems – like climate change – before it inevitably leaves humanity behind.

Those are both legitimate points of view and we should know the answer in the next few decades. In the meantime though, like any new technology, we have found plenty of ways to make it do weird things, like create bizarre cookbooks and make motivational posters. Because why not?

A computational scientist and software developer named Elle O’Brien decided to have a little fun with a text-generating neural network (a precursor to the true AI that are coming). She wanted to see what kind of titles the prototype AI could generate if it were going to write a romance novel – or at least write the titles to the romance novels. Things got real weird real quick.

O’Brien collected over 20,000 Harlequin romance novel titles from the site, and then entered them into the neural network. She programmed the neural net to do its best, and the results were…. well, they were about as weird as you’d expect. Once a neural network goes off on a tangent, it goes until it exhausts all possibilities. O’Brien broke down some of the most common topics.


After analyzing the titles, one of the most common themes and words it recognized was “baby.” Babies are a common factor in romance novels, and the AI decided to use that in the title. For better and worse.

Here are a few of the best.

  • The Baby Pregnancy
  • The Baby Barbarian
  • Blackmailed Baby
  • The Greek Baby Boss
  • Becoming the Baby Count
  • The Baby Doctor Seduction
  • Mistress Man’s Baby
  • Secret Secret Baby
  • The Surgeon’s Baby Surgeon
  • Pregnant for the Rage


Another obvious romance trope is the use of cowboys and the romanticization of the American West. There’s just something about love and cattle, or something.

  • Forbidden Texas, Texan
  • Midwife Cowpoke
  • Pregnant Cow
  • Cattle Lover
  • Under the Cowboy
  • In the Mountain for the Tender Seduction

Love Doctors

The neural network seemed to have a thing for doctors. That’s not all that surprising though, given the heavy reliance in romance novels on a handful of careers like a doctor, lawyer, Scottish warrior, etc. A few of the titles sound a bit like Engrish, but the neural net is still young.

  • Surgery by the Sea
  • The Strange Consultant Surgeon
  • The Doctor’s Children’s Proposal
  • The Man for Dr. Husband
  • Dear Dr. High-Kungly Seductive Mistake
  • My, Hot Doctor
  • Surgery Seduction


Another obvious topic in romance novels is marriage, of course. Here are some of the best titles in that genre.

  • Mistress Wife
  • Husband Bride
  • Her Marriage Marriage
  • The Husband Man
  • Missingbroom Bride
  • The Man’s Marriage Touch
  • Consultant Bride


This one is fairly obvious.

  • The Sexy Affair
  • Dangerously! Seduction
  • Private Part
  • Inheritance Sex
  • The Sex Lovers
  • Naked Hot Ranger
  • The Virgin Date of Sexy
  • Sex Revenge

The Weirdest

And then there are the rest, the truly bizarre.

  • A Risk Worth Dad
  • Glord in the Dark
  • The Juggers
  • Can’t Good
  • Seeping Baby Man
  • Never Happened
  • I Hate the Marine
  • Romancy Heart
  • Uncristible
  • Undercover Movercum
  • Captive Something Bachelor
  • A Perfect Giantess
  • Falling for Her Doorstep
  • Nookan’s Buttymance
  • Crassion
  • Crom Pregnancy Hospital

Artificial intelligence is still a few years away from reality, and then things start to get real. Until then, at least we can have a little fun with it.



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