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Activision Officially Reveals Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, and a Surprising Release Date

Activision Officially Reveals Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 with a Surprising Release Date

After several leaks and plenty of rumors, Activision and Treyarch have officially unveiled the next COD game, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4.

Activision and Treyarch have officially unveiled the next game in the Call of Duty series, as well as a release date for the new title. The 2018 edition of the series will be Call of Duty: Black Ops 4.

Everyone act surprised.

The publisher also confirmed that there will be a “Community Reveal Event” on May 17, and it also confirmed a release date of October 12, which is a somewhat significant shift for a series that has traditionally always had a November release.

Each year, Activision keeps the lid on what the next COD game will be, all leading up to a planned unveiling via social media and press announcement, followed by a closer look at the new title soon after. This year, however, is a little different. Following a spate of rumors that were accentuated by NBA star James Harden casually rolling around wearing a hat featuring what was still a confidential logo, Activision seems to have moved up its timetable.

Activision usually waits until late April to announce the next COD game, but confirming it now is actually a very good move on its part. Rather than denying the news or just ignoring the growing chorus of rumors, it decided to get out in front of things. If it hadn’t and decided to wait, it would have been among the most anti-climactic reveals in gaming history. Activision was already kind of backed into a corner, so at least now they can control the story.

The announcement itself was little more than confirmation – there were literally no details about the game itself other than the name and logo, which Harden already leaked, so there’s not a lot to really go on.

One interesting note, however, is the release date. This will be the first major COD release to drop in October since the original Call of Duty, which launched on October 29, 2003, in North America. That could be an attempt to increase sales by moving to the front of an always crowded Q4, or it could be an attempt to sidestep Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption 2, which release on October 26. The last full Rockstar release, Grand Theft Auto V went on to become one of the best-selling games of all time, so the Redemption sequel will probably sell a lot of copies.

More details on Black Ops 4 will likely be guarded by ninjas until the community event. Unless, of course, Harden’s lack of defense transcends basketball and we get more leaks from him.



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