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A series of The Witcher movies is in the works

A series of The Witcher movies is in the works

If there is a popular fantasy series out there, you can bet someone in Hollywood is looking at it for a potential big screen – or even small screen – adaptation. It’s just the way of things now, and the next property to catch Hollywood’s Sauron-like gaze appears to be The Witcher series.

Gamespot is reporting that The Sean Daniels Company is teaming up with Polish production company Platige Films to bring the series to life.

The plan is to have the first film in theaters at some point in 2017, with Oscar-nominated director Tomasz Baginski expected to direct. Baginski earned a nod from the Academy for his work on the 2002 animated film, The Cathedral. This would be his first feature length live-action film, but he does have experience with the first two Witcher games – he helped to create the intros for both.

The film would likely be based on the series of books written by Andrzej Sapokowski, more than the games.

Like the games, the books follow Geralt of Rivia, a specially trained and augmented monster hunter. Sapokowski wrote seven books in total, five of which have been translated into English – the sixth and seventh translted books are scheduled for release in 2016 and 2017, respectively.

The film is being developed by Platige, a relatively unknown Polish group best known for animation, including game trailers and cinematics. The Sean Daniels group has a longer list of live-action experience though, including The Mummy series and the upcoming Ben-Hur remake.

The Witcher was adapted once before in 2001 and 2002, under the name The Hexer, a translation that Sapkowski preferred before giving in and going with “witcher.” Part of Sapkowski’s change of heart may be due to how much he hated the Polish live-action adaptation.

The adaptation is said to be about the books, but the game series – especially the recent Witcher 3, no doubt helped raise the level of awareness for the series. Casting hasn’t begun, but with a projected 2017 release, and a potential series of films riding on that first one, things should move forward quickly.



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