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A Russian Poltergeist had Local Police Calling for Priests

A Russian Poltergeist had Local Police Calling for Priests

Russian police in Siberia sought help from local priests to help them rid a house of a violent poltergeist. 

Police in the remote Siberian village of Maraksa was called in following disturbances in a house occupied by a family of three. It wasn’t long before the police found out why they were called, as a series of supernatural events left them confused enough to call in local priests to perform an exorcism.

The family reported that over a 48-hour period, they saw books flying around the house, kitchenware – including knives – shoot across rooms, and cabinets falling of their own accord. It got so bad that despite what was probably a very weird phone call, police were dispatched.

The cops showed up, and they too witnessed some of the poltergeist activity, leading them to confirm that “There was no rational explanation to be found of the specified events.” So what was an overmatched police force to do? They called in priests from the local Russian Orthodox Church, who consecrated the house and stayed overnight.

The state-run RIA Novosti news agency cited the clerics in explaining the disturbances as potentially stemming from “pagan rituals or esoteric interests” that were practiced at the home. After the priests left, the activity reportedly died down for a bit, but then started up again. No word on what the next steps are, but knowing the Russians it will probably be a subtle and measured response, chosen with care and respect.

Ha! Just kidding, they will probably burn the house down.

Hopefully, the members of Ghost Adventures are practicing how to say “bro” in Russian, because they might have an amazing episode waiting for them in Siberia. They better pack warm though.



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