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A real-life Batman just earned the Guinness World Record for most functional gadgets

A real-life Batman just earned the Guinness World Record for most functional gadgets

If you go to an event where entertainment is the primary focus, the odds are good that you will see someone cosplaying there. The bigger the event, the more cosplayers, and the more cosplayers, the greater that chance that you will come across people that are absolutely amazing at it.

Take Julian Checkley, a guy that didn’t just raise the bar for Batman cosplay, he took the bar home with him.

Checkley makes his living in effects. He primarily focuses on special creature effects, but that is just his day job. It also means he has access to production level equipment, including a 3D printer, which helped him to create a functioning batsuit. That was just the start though.

Once the suit was complete, Checkley went on to create some of Batman’s signature gadgets. Where some might just make facsimiles that look like Batman’s tools, Checkley actually made working gadgets. In total, he made 23 functioning gadgets, which earned him the Guinness World Record for most functioning gadgets on a cosplay suit.

That may seem like an oddly specific Guinness record, but once you see the gadgets, it’s hard not to be impressed. The record will appear in the new Guinness World Records: Gamer’s Edition 2017, due out in September.

The suit and the gadgets were inspired by WB Games Montreal’s 2013 title Batman: Arkham Origins. The game is a prequel to Rocksteady’s other Batman Arkham titles, but you wouldn’t know it from Checkney’s suit and gadgets.

He began with the 3D printed suit, which is made out of flexible urethane rubber. He then trimmed it, added details, and painted the “armor” plating before attaching it to a specially designed undersuit. From there, the suit was then applied to Checkney’s bodycast to make sure it fit perfectly. That alone would be impressive, but he kept going.

Some of the gadgets he created include: smoke bombs, a working grapnel gun, a tracker with Bluetooth, UV lamp, flashbangs, a working bat projector to display the bat symbol, a firework shooter, and more. To earn the record, he then managed to fit all 23 gadgets on to and in his suit. He even found room for a bat-flask.

You can check it out in action below, and look for it and other gaming related world records next month.