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Ever wonder what it looks like when a nuclear bomb goes off underground?

Ever wonder what a nuclear bomb goes off underground would look like?

When a nuclear bomb goes off underground, it creates what is known as a subsidence crater – and it also makes for a cool video.

On the one hand, the video below is very cool. It shows what happens when a nuclear bomb goes off underground, which is rad. On the other hand, it is a nuclear bomb going off. It may be pretty, but it’s also a freaking nuclear bomb, the most destructive man-made force ever created. Cities can be vaporized by an explosion like this – the words “pretty” seem a little weird.

Anyway, if you can put that aside the video is fairly spectacular. The clip below was recently posted by AtomCentral, but the details are a little unclear. Based on the terrain, it’s likely a clip from the Nevada Test Site, but that’s not confirmed.

There were officially 828 underground tests performed at the Nevada Test Site, so the odds are good that’s where the clip was recorded. On a side note, farming in Nevada could one day produce some very weird results.

Regardless, it doesn’t really matter where it was recorded though. It’s the results that matter.

An underground nuclear explosion creates a phenomenon known as a subsidence crater, which essentially makes a giant sinkhole as everything supporting the top layer of dirt is suddenly gone.

Check out the awesome terrifying awesomely terrifying results below.



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