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A haunted British pub contains multiple types of spirits

A haunted British pub contains multiple types of spirits

Given the huge amount of history in a relatively small area, it shouldn’t come as a huge surprise to learn that England is one of the most haunted countries on the planet. For thousands of years people have fought over the island, and with locations pre-dating the United States by hundreds of years, there are a lot of videos and stories to choose from.

One of our favorites comes from the Ye Olde Man and Scythe bar in Bolton, England, part of the Manchester metro area. The location has been a bar (on and off) since at least 1251, and it has seen a whole lot of history.

You’d figure that any bar with nearly eight centuries behind it could potentially be haunted. The ghosts of libidos shot down and friendships lost over sports alone could lead to a poltergeist. And that’s not counting all the actual violence that can flare up anytime alcohol is involved. Take all that and stretch it over 764 years, and weird stuff happens.

In the case of the Ye Olde Man and Scythe bar though, there is a much more specific incident in history to focus on.

In 1644, the English Civil War between the forces loyal to the Parliament and those backing the Royalist forces raged across the country. Bolton was a Parliamentary stronghold, so Royalist forces attacked the town. The Royalist forces were led by several members of the aristocracy, including the Seventh Earl of Derby, James Stanley, whose lands were nearby and whose family owned the Ye Olde Man and Scythe bar.

The attack soon turned into a massacre. It was a brutal and bloody incident, where hundreds died in battle, and hundreds more were executed – including dozens right outside the bar.

When the Parliamentary forces eventually won, James Stanley was tried and convicted for his role in the massacre. He was then returned to Bolton for execution. As the town prepared for his death Stanley was held in the bar, where he had a drink. He was then taken outside and beheaded.

The chair Stanley had his last drink in is still in the bar. According to many, so is he.

There have been stories of Stanley haunting the bar for centuries now, and he is not alone. In 2006, several psychics converged on the bar and announced that there were at least 25 spirits haunting the bar. Along with Stanley, there is said to be a woman that hung herself in the cellar, an 8-year old boy, and many more.

In a recent event, the current owner came in to open the bar and discovered a glass broken on the floor. He went to the CCTV footage to see what happened and discovered the ghostly image below, who many experts claim is Stanley.

As for the flickering lights, the bar is located on a pedestrian only street, so that rules out cars driving past.

Check it out, and remember to tip your bartenders and servers since they may be dealing with more crap than you know.



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