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And now, a 600 lbs sumo wrestler vs a 200 lbs MMA fighter

sumo wrestler vs MMA fighter

In what should be one of the greatest mismatches in history, an professional fight offered a sumo wrestler vs MMA fighter, with 400 lbs between them.

In today’s weird files, we offer up a video featuring a pro wrestler in the style of sumo vs an MMA fighter. That in itself may not sound all that extraordinary, at least not until you hear the weight difference.

The sumo weighs in at over 600 lbs; the MMA fighter on the other hand, weighs just over 200 lbs. There’s a motorcycle between them in weight. The sumo is literally three times the weight of the MMA fighter.

It’s bizarre, a little horrifying, and kind of awesome all rolled into one.

The sumo is an American born fighter named Emmanuel Yarbrough. He only had three professional fights, all in the 90s, and his most well known match came in 1994 when he fought Keith Hackney in the third UFC, back when it was closer to Mortal Kombat than a professional sport.

Yarborugh lost that fight by TKO, but made his way to Japan in what was likely an extremely uncomfortable plane flight. There in 1998 he won his first professional match by submission, in one of the only instances where the type of submission is listed as “smother.” And yeah, it’s exactly what you think. He jumped on a smaller guy and engulfed him with… well, him.

Later that year he took on Daiju Takase, a kickboxer and all-around MMA fighter. The fight is kind of like Little Mac vs King Hippo in Punch-Out. In a bizarre mismatch, the fighters went two rounds and somehow, shockingly, Takase won by submission.

You gotta hand it to the announcers, they try their best to make this shitshow sound like a legitimate fight, even as it descends into the absurd.

Check it out below.



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