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And Now, the Soothing Sight of 42,000 Matches Lighting at Once

And Now, the Soothing Sight of 42,000 Matches Lighting at Once

If you’ve ever taken a handful of matches and lit them all at once – not in an arson-y way, just in an “it’s cool to watch multiple matches lighting at once” – read on.

Fire can be very pretty. And sure, that line has probably been uttered more than once during the trial of someone accused of arson, but that doesn’t mean it’s not true. It just means most of us have a sense of how far to take it.

The people in the video below fall into that latter category… barely. Sure, they might end up burning down a forest or two, but they would do it by accident rather than on purpose. It’s the difference between prison and art.

The match ball below consists of 42,000 individual wooden “strike-anywhere” matches glued together, all arranged by a man named Kevin MacLeod. It initially began as an “experiment in how many matches it would take to get all the way around to make a perfect globe,” but as it progressed it became an experiment in making something that would look cool when it burned.

But before you go out and buy 140 boxes of 300+ matches, prepare yourself for a long ordeal.

The matches are larger at the heads than at the bottom, so they couldn’t fit exactly next to each other, leaving a slight gap between them. It took months to find the proper ratio and to glue them all in place, and then it was all gone in one glorious moment – or a few glorious moments as the case may be. It actually takes a few minutes for the entire globe to burn.

There’s perhaps some message in there about destruction and creation or whatever, but the main thing to take away from this is that fire = pretty (in a controlled environment).

Check it out below, and don’t try this at home without a camera running and several fire extinguishers nearby.



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