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Highlights from Red Bull’s wacky Crashed Ice 2015 season

2015 crashed ice highlights

Red Bull’s 2015 Crashed Ice season has come to a conclusion. If you don’t know what Crashed Ice is, you’re missing out. To summarize, it’s basically downhill, full contact speed skating with hockey players.

The competitors don’t actively attack each other or anything like that, but when flying downhill on ice, things happen. It’s not uncommon for one racer to slam directly into another, hence the hockey-like padding.

Red Bull has been sponsoring Crashed Ice since 2001. It began with a single event held all around the world, then in 2010 the competition expanded to multiple events with the overall winner receiving the most points throughout the events.

The current season consists of four standard events, and four new “Rider Cup” competitions.

This season 24-year old Canadian Scott Croxall absolutely dominated. He won three of the four single competitor events – along with one Rider’s Cup event –  on his way to being crowned the 2015 World Champion. Croxall is the fifth champion in five years.

The first event of the season took place in Afton Alps/ Hastings, Minnesota on January 18; the final event of the year took place in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on March 14. The video below shows the 2015 Crashed Ice highlights, containing clips from all eight events.



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