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16 different Darth Vaders running for Ukrainian Parliament because why not

Not one, not two, not even three, but sixteen candidates in the Ukraine are running for Parliament under variations of the name Darth Vader, according to HuffPo. Because, ya know, why not.

The Vaders – Vadai? Vaderians? Whatever – are all officially on the ballot for the upcoming snap election called for by Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko back in August. The elections are set for October 26; the results will have a lasting impact on the future of Ukraine, and possibly the galaxy.

Of the Vaders, seven are part of the Internet Party of Ukraine, a group that exists to advocate technological improvements in order to eliminate bureaucracy. The others are running as independents.

All 16 of the Vaders will be listed on the ballot under the first and last name “Darth Vader,” but several have taken on additional names. “Darth Volodymyrovych Vader” seems to be a fan favorite, with six of the Vaders running under that name. others include the names “Viktorovych,” “Leonidovych,” and “Olehovych.”

Oddly, the Vaders have had a fairly successful run of debates, as their opponents all suddenly choked on something and were forced to withdraw.

No, not really.

This isn’t the first time the Sith Lord has made his way into Ukrainian politics, far from it. In 2013, activists from the Internet Party of Ukraine dressed as (spoiler) Luke’s father, attempted to enter the Justice Ministry in Kiev. They sought an audience with the then Justice Minister Oleksandr Lavrynovych to request that the government stop pressuring the Internet party. Security guards stopped them and demanded that the activists remove their helmets, and hilarity ensued. The activists swore to return, likely fueling this current Vader-stravoganza.

The Internet Party is betting heavily on the name of Vader, but it is also running several other candidates with Star Wars themed names. Joining Vader on the ballot are: “Master Volodymyrovych Yoda,” “Stepan Mikhaylovych Chewbacca,” “Emperor Viktorovych Palpatine,” and more.

The various Vaders probably don’t have much of a chance this election, which is a shame. With the threat of Russian invasion, the growing divide between pro-Russian Ukrainians and their Ukrainian-supporting counterparts, and serious allegations of governmental corruption, the former Soviet nation could use a strong hand and an iron will. If you need more convincing, check out the campaign video below.




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