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The Recent Navy UFO Footage That Has People Losing Their Minds

The Recent Navy UFO Footage That Has People Losing Their Minds

In December 2017, a video showing what appears to be official Navy UFO footage was released, and it is intense.

If you’ve read Dead Beats Panel more than once or twice, you probably knew we love a good piece of weirdness. But one topic we’ve (mostly) stayed away from is UFOs and stories about aliens.

There’s no good reason for this other than the fact that most of the videos of UFOs tend to be low quality, and there are plenty of other potential explanations for most of the sightings and videos. Sometimes the objects being recorded can easily be identified as a natural phenomenon if you’ve seen them before (ball lightning, for instance), but to those unfamiliar, it can be mind-bending. Drones, experimental aircraft, and atmospheric debris can also account for some of the most famous UFO clips. And sure, you can say the same thing about paranormal videos, but UFO videos just don’t tend to be as compelling to watch.

Unless they come from the U.S. Navy and feature pilots and air support members freaking out over whatever it is.

The clip below was obtained through the Freedom of Information Act by To the Stars Academy of Arts & Science. It was initially posted in December 2017 and gained some attention, but three months later it still has people talking.

The shows what is said to be “an authentic DoD video that captures the high-speed flight of an unidentified aircraft at low altitude.” The description goes on to claim that it was recorded somewhere off the East Coast of the U.S. in 2015, but more details were not provided.

Part of what makes it so compelling is that the Navy personnel are blown away by whatever it is. One says “What the f**k is that thing,” while another says “Wow, what is that, man.” It also joins other recently released videos, including a wild one that the NY Times published last December.

For decades the Pentagon actively researched UFO sightings, spending hundreds of millions of dollars to investigate them. The Defense Department isn’t all that keen on talking about it – or anything, really – but it did confirm that the program to investigate UFOs was shut down in 2012. OR WAS IT?! Maybe that’s just what they want us to think.

Anyway, the video is wild. We’re not saying it’s aliens, but… well, you know the meme.



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